Warmly welcome to edulandtoys.com.

Warmly welcome to edulandtoys.com.

With over 10 years of wooden toy industry experience. we focus on high quality wooden toys with love and more environmental friendly. Our aim is to creat a fantastic childhood to children with toys which provides them great joy and could learn Interpersonal intelligence,. Intrapersonal intelligence, Naturalist intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence, Spatial intelligence , Musical intelligence, Linguistic intelligence, Logical-Mathematical intelligence from the play

All of our great products with special features for infants like Pull and Push, Wooden

Puzzles which also helps them in home Education. We also have products for Music,

Train Tracks , home Furniture, outdoor furniture. We have got the unanimous approval of the guests for our awesome products. At present, we have esteemed clients from all over the world. We will continue to work with clients together, do our best to serve every client and produce best quality products.

We pay great attention to the structure and safety of the product. For us, security is our long-term development of the core lifeline. With a complete set of test systems and very professional engineers, we study and make every toy with utmost care and love for our beloved clients. Each of our shipped products been passed the international EN71, ASTMF963 test. We use natural non-toxic wood and paint. Customer satisfaction is all what our value.